John Paul Jackson had a great teaching, and here is an excerpt I love:

The Father’s Blessing:


May The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face shine upon you,and be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you,and give you peace.


May you reach the purpose for which you were created.
May you have courage above your peers.
May you have more passion for the things of God than others think is necessary.
May you dream more than others think is practical, and may you expect more than others think is possible.
May you choose wisely, without earthly bias.


Know that you have people to influence that you have not yet met.
That you have lives to change that are waiting for your arrival.
That you are strategically placed wherever God takes you by His grand design, just so you can become all He made you to be. That place is the place you can best grow, the place you can be most fruitful, the place where the future is changed because of your presence.


May you see vistas that others do not even know exist.
May you see God in every petal of every flower and in every blade of grass; for each of them are designed by His hand.
May you bless your children and may they become giants in the faith under the mighty hand of God.
You will not fail, you were made by God to be here—for such a time as this.


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May the good Lord bless and keep you
from the traps set up to break you
Down and wear you out.

May the great God hold and nurture
your past, your present, your future.
You are safe in His care.

May Holy Spirit order your steps.
As you walk, and run, and skip,
I pray Holy Spirit guide you.

May His Love overtake you
His consuming fire make you
Into His Image today.

I emailed this prayer to some special friends of mine, and then wanted to wish it to everyone who reads this!!

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As some may know, I became a living kidney donor this past June. I release, now, my diary from days before the surgery. Mainly for my family.

Kidney Donation

June 11 2013 – 8 days to donation – today I found a site and was encouraged to write down my experiences. I have always felt a sense of responsibility for others, and when I found that I could donate a kidney to our friend who needed one, I had no qualms about it, I just “knew” I was the one to donate. It would be a blessing to him, and to me. And so I began the process. I told him of my decision, and he tried to dissuade me – it is a bit undertaking. HUGE. I was determined, each time I approached him, I had more reasons to do it than he had reasons to not. And so he accepted my plan. I then and only then, told my family of my decision. They were concerned about my health, the effects of it on me, etc. I had gotten a package of info and had done reams of research online and was armed and ready with answers why it was important, and safe, for me to do it. It did not take much convincing, once they had the facts, and so they were in agreement with me. I became vegan, then vegetarian (from my research, it is a healthier lifestyle for me to donate). I swore off sugar and caffeine. I resolved to exercise more (this resolve did not come to much, sad to say).

My friend was put on the list for needing a kidney a year later, (indicating his kidney function had gotten so low that he was in need of a kidney donation soon, or dialysis for the rest of his life soon. His diet and lifestyle changes had slowed the deterioration of his kidney function, yet we watched his health steadily decline). I was ecstatic when he got put on the list, for I felt he needed to get better, not steadily worse.

I contacted the hospital, filled out forms and forms and did blood work and more blood work and they said I may be a good match, we need to do more testing. So I had chest x-rays and ECG and TB testing and more blood tests and BP and kidney ultrasound and other tests I don’t remember. I passed stage 2, I was a good match. So good, in fact, that they stopped testing others, I was to be the one to donate my kidney. Could I come to the hospital for more tests? It meant a 3 day trip to the city, was I ok with that? Funding was available to cover some of the costs. I went.

More tests, injecting me with radioactive to see if both kidneys function equally (I got to watch on a monitor) was one highlight. I was still a match, could be we could donate before he had to go onto dialysis. Tissue testing blood work indicated he would not reject my kidney – much!

Then a set back. (Or so I thought). His kidney function was so low that he had to go onto dialysis. That was a shaky time, he was quite ill for a day or so, getting rid of the toxins. This turned out to be a blessing, for he would be somewhat cleaned up before the kidney transplant, which in turn, would be less stress on his system. We count the days to transplant according to how many more dialysis times before surgery. During dialysis, he is able to encourage others to accept living donor transplants from those who offer them. “Yes, it can be done” – his is an encouraging story for them, they look to him and think, “maybe I can do it too!” In donating to one, more lives are affected than we know. I am introduced as his walking kidney. We laugh.

Kidney Recipient June 21 2013

I am told how selfless I am in giving this gift. It is a great gift I do. A great thing I do. Over and over I am told, it does not sink in, its just something I know I must do.

Days before surgery now, and the reality is beginning to set in. As I rush to get the documents for funding; to get the meal prep and housework organized for post surgery; as I organize home so my husband is fed and taken care of; to finish up work for 6 to 8 weeks; and to fill out forms for a study on the long term affects of donating a kidney; the reality is beginning to settle in. So I write of my experiences.

I can’t back out, I know that. Yet, a nervousness has settled in. It is a major surgery, I will be laid up for 8 weeks. I must think of what the benefits to the recipient will be, and I will be ok. Think on how he will get a new life (this I am told over and over, I am giving him a new life, this gift of 20 years). His young family wonder what he will be like when he is not tired all the time, “will he go on hikes with us?”; “will he be able to run again?; will he not have to nap in the morning and afternoon?; will he be able to eat anything?; will he, will he, will he. When I see their excitement, my fears and nervousness disappear.

Yet, I am weary. I slept more yesterday and last night than I had for weeks, a weariness is upon me that I cannot seem to shake. I must take care of myself. I work 3 more days, and then have the weekend off before going for surgery to the city, 2 days early, to rest some more. I can do this. I know I can. It is with His strength that I do it, I am past my strength now.

I don’t dare tell of how tired I am. I don’t dare tell of my nervousness, for fear they will think I am not wanting to do this now…..

Post Kidney Donation

And as you can see, I made it past the surgery, here’s my “take away”.  It was worth it!!

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A new documentary about sex trafficking, called Red Light Green Light.

Here’s the synopsis: As nations around the globe attempt to fight sex trafficking, many consider legalizing prostitution. Red Light Green Light explores the effects of various approaches, in an attempt to answer the question: “what is the best way to prevent sex trafficking from happening in the first place?”

Watch the trailer here: http://redlightgreenlightfilm.com/


Hope for the Sold, the abolitionist charity behind Red Light Green Light, has launched an International Screening Tour and action campaign, and I am asking you to join them. Please bring the film to your community by hosting a screening: http://redlightgreenlightfilm.com/host-a-screening

Also be sure to like their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hopeforthesold and follow them on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hopeforthesold 

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I thoroughly enjoy Chuck Pierce and the Glory of Zion Ministry Website. The teachings are “spot on” and when he sends out an update, or uploads a video to the site, I am all ears. I believe this latest news will encourage and uplift, especially in these times we live in. Enjoy what the coming month has for you, as you read what the Glory of Zion Ministries has heard from God.

Granted Access!
A Prophetic Blessing for the Month Ahead!

Elul “the King is in the Field!”

As we near the end of the “crossing over” year want to see you bridge your past and future, and move forward with a new boldness and authority.

Here is a blessing for this Hebraic month. When you study Elul, it is known as the month when “the King is in the Field!” The King was usually in his palace, but once a year he would come out and make himself accessible to his people. One of the prophetic words that came forth at the Revival Gathering this past weekend at the Global Spheres Center was “Access Granted!”

Apostolic Prophetic Decree: This will be a month when you have divine intervention, so you have access granted. Specifically, God will help you find a way into and through your difficult places. This will be called a month when you will finally triumph. Where you have been striving, breakthrough is around the corner!

The Lord is saying to find your place in the order of the company of the Lord, so that you can go forth and triumph. (We are very glad you are connected into this “company” here at the Global Spheres Center!) You must connect both functionally with your gift and understand how your gift operates territorially.

“Divine Rewards!”

We also are hearing the Lord saying this is a month of “Divine Rewards!” God will reward you in the areas that you have been contending for His breakthrough.

We also are declaring that what is broken will be fixed. May all the complex structures around you become simple and easy to manage. This is a month of nurturing, so do not allow any bad emotion in you to take root. When you feel the enemy pressing in, run into the tower of His might. Finally, this is the month to connect your past to your present, so that you can enter the year ahead, through new doors that God is already forming on your behalf.

If you study the Word of God you will find this Hebraic month of Elul is linked with the tribe of Gad. Robert Heidler gave an incredible message on this tribe at our Firstfruits Celebration  Saturday Aug 10 2013. We don’t want you to miss the revelation shared during our time together which will help us finish strong in this last month of the Hebrew year. Therefore, we are extending the webcast replay of our Firstfruits Celebration through next Saturday night. You can click HERE to watch it.

It may be a long video to some, yet, how long do you sit in front of a television and watch a good movie?  Is 2 hours too long, to get immersed in what God has in store?  Come, celebrate.

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